Utah Aerospace Pathways | Hill Air Force Base
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About This Project

Hill Air Force Base

Hill AFB is the largest aerospace employer in Utah, with 12,000+ civilian employees, 5000+ military members and 3200+ government contractor employees (e.g., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, BAE Systems, etc.) working on the base.


Hill is the Air Force Technical Repair Center for aircraft landing gear, struts, composites, low observable technologies, hydraulics, secondary power and wheels and brakes. We repair and overhaul aircraft fuel tanks, pylons, screw jacks, ejection seats, canopies, radomes, air frame mounted accessory drives and a variety of other aircraft components. In a partnership with Lockheed Martin we modify and repair the F­22 Raptor and the F­35 Lightning II (Joint Strike Fighter), which are fifth generation stealth fighter jets. We also perform maintenance, modification and manufacturing in support of the F­16 Fighting Falcon, A­10 Thunderbolt II, B­2 Spirit stealth bomber, C­130 Hercules, and Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) equipment, ground support systems and radomes. Hill AFB will continue to hire over 600 skilled aerospace workers per year as new F­22 and F­35 maintenance work comes to Utah. Aerospace technicians and mechanics do not require a 4­-year college degree to qualify, but are usually hired based on appropriate technical training certificates from Applied Technology Colleges (ATCs) or other academic institutions. You can start as an aerospace technician with an excellent salary and continue with your university education to become an engineer, program manager or logistics specialist with even higher salaries. Utah Aerospace Pathways is a way to take the first step toward an exciting and meaningful career in aerospace.


Top 10 technician skills that are most in demand at Hill AFB are:

  • ­ Composites
  • ­ Sheet Metal/Structural Repair
  • ­ Pnuedraulics (fluids made of both gas and liquid)
  • ­ Aircraft Mechanical
  • ­ Aerospace Paint/Low Observable Coating
  • ­ Materials, Tools, Parts Control
  • ­ Industrial Maintenance
  • ­ Electronics
  • Production Control
  • Aircraft Electrical
Industry Partners