Utah Aerospace Pathways | Hexcel
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About This Project


Hexcel Corporation is a leading advanced composites company that manufactures an unrivaled range of composite materials and engineered products such as carbon fibers, reinforcement fabrics, prepregs, adhesives, honeycomb materials and more. Hexcel is a global company with offices and facilities all over the world. In the Salt Lake City facility, skilled employees work to make carbon fibers, resins and prepreg materials which are used in commercial aerospace, space and defense and industrial applications.


Hexcel’s composite materials are the building blocks for some of the most advanced aerospace structures available on the market. Nearly any airplane you fly on today has some kind of Hexcel material in it. From the internal support structures to the overhead bins, Hexcel materials make these structures lighter, faster and stronger. When you’re in the air, you can rely on those Hexcel materials to keep you safe and comfortable because only the highest quality materials are allowed to go into the airplanes we travel on every day. Hexcel maintains that quality and excellence through its inner strength, its people. Working for Hexcel is not just a job; it’s a career, helping to create the materials that build a stronger future for the world around us.


Hexcel is a proud member of the Utah Aerospace Pathways program and know that its future and products are only as strong as its employees. Investing in the lives and education of the youth in Utah helps us all to succeed. By helping the rising generation to gain the skills and education necessary to become highly skilled employees in the aerospace manufacturing field, Hexcel is able to open the door to a better future for these students, their families and the composites industry.